A little about me. 

My name is Caleb Gentry. I've always had a fascination with trying to leave things better than I found them, which really sums up what I do as a creator. When I drive through town and see the many businesses from the road, I regularly ask myself, "How would I make that logo better?" When I sit down with my family at local restraunts I think, "What would draw in more customers?" These are real questions that float through my head constantly. I'm a real believer in trying to make my community a better place. I also have a desire to put this wonderful area on the map.

I create solutions for customers who want their business to get out to the public and grow their pool of interest. I can design and develop logos and graphics, build social media campaigns, build websites, and photograph/video for advertisment.

Something I've learned while being in the e-commerce industry as well as being a web developer is that small businesses don't have to struggle in the vast online market. Your market can be so much bigger than the population of your town. For many small businesses, competing with an online market can be very intimidating. In reality, you're just putting your products and services on more shelves than your local stores at a cheaper cost. Another great thing about a website other than having a larger customer base is that customers can see that your business isn't outdated and is relevant.